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  • Trade Assurance is a Chargrgeable service by that’s designed to help create trust between buyers and suppliers.
  • Trade Assurance helps buyers in the event of delivery, shipping and quality-related dispute And it assures supplier relating to Payment related disputes

Does Trade Assurance charge fees?

Yes. Trade Assurance is a chargeable service for buyers and suppliers. transaction fee to the bank when you make payment. The transaction fee varies by the payment method you choose.

Trade Assurance Basics

  • Coverage Under Trade Assurance
  • Payment Safety of Buyer
  • Delivery Assurance of Goods
  • Mediation for any other Dispute

For Suppiers

  • Guarantee of Payment of Goods from Buyer
  • Mediation for any other Dispute
Note - In trade Assurance we don’t assure quality related matters Quality is taken care by Inspection Services.

How can I confirm my order is covered by Trade Assurance?

Please make sure that if your order is a Trade Assurance order. For Trade Assurance order, there will be a Trade Assurance icon at the order page. You may check your order at this page

Placing an Order

How do I place a Trade Assurance order?

Order placing procedure

  • Finalise Order with supplier
  • Provide us a copy of Order and Details
  • Pay for Our service charges
  • Get our Trade Assurance certificate for particular order
  • Then Place the Order to supplier and make the payment as per guidance of Giant Centre
  • Your order will be protected by trade assurance


How do I make the initial payment for my Trade Assurance order?

  • In Case Direct Payment to Supplier - Only Through LC WITH Inspection Clause
  • Or Payment route through Giant Centre
  • Contact our Help Desk for more specific information.

Disputes & Refunds

Giant Centre will take the responsibility of the trade assured transactions, Try to resolve the dispute with discussion and through any practical solution

In case no Solution then Giant will Make the Payment to aggrieved party and take the possession of goods

Trade Assurance