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About Floret

Floret Group is one of the leading international trading organisation and also an important name in proving services related to Cross Border Trade Solutions, with a special focus on Complete solution of Building Material and Home Décor Products.

Floret’s Journey 20 Years of interaction and dealing with Global Buyer and Suppliers has enabled us to gather a significant amount of experience in international trade , understand the needs and expectations of them, their day to day challenges and most importantly , seizing the available opportunities .

The distinctive combination of services, together with our expertise and in depth understanding of the Indian Market enabled us to deliver value to our clients and discover immense untapped opportunities for them.

With this rich experience Floret has initiated a unique O2O Business Model. On one side it helps the global business community to come, connect, explore and enhance Business Opportunities in the Domestic and Global Marketplace and on the other hand it gives easy access and one stop solution of world class products.

This Business solution provides online Virtual Display of products and offline physical through Experience Centres. This “Phygital” format creates value for Global Manufacturers and Buyers through its value-added services of Cross-Border Logistics Management, Quality assurance, Installation and other after sales services.

For overseas brand besides providing basic amenities and state of art infrastructure Floret have a professional workforce for the growth of its overseas partners. It assists in Brand Building and in case of need managing all the legal and administrative formalities with complete handholding, and for Indian Entrepreneurs, Business Houses, and Traders it creates multi fold Business Opportunities and For buyers it provides value addition of cost reduction and hazel free import and export.

Through this Business Model Floret have a vision to establish as a leading Brand of Complete Home Solution, together with its Business Associates.

Floret will prove to be the best pilot for perfect landing on the International Business soil, for accomplishing the short term and long term business targets of Global Manufactures, and easiest way of getting the best sourcing for buyers also will create multi fold Business Opportunities for Business Houses and Investors.

O2O Business Solution

Unique Phygital format of Digital Virtual Display and Physical Experience Centres with Value Added Services.

Cross Border Business Solution

Complete Handholding of managing the affairs of International Trade.

Base Services

Delivering Trust with Transparent and in Time solution.

Core Value

Delivering trust with transparent and time bound Solution.

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