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Giant Centre provide the inspection services to the clients as per their request for the

  • Factory Audit
  • Pre Production Inspection
  • During Production Inspection
  • Pre Shipment Inspection.
  • Loading Supervision.

Reliable Inspectors

Giant Centre will check every inspector's qualifications to confirm their authenticity and capabilities.

Secure Payment

Secure Payment Service makes sure that your payment is held securely and released to the inspector only after you confirm satisfactory receipt of the inspection report.

Affordable Service

We offer a wide price range from different types of inspectors to satisfy the specific inspection requirements of different buyers.

How to use

  • Giant Centre Provide the services of Inspection before Shipment at various locations
  • For this Inspection, we have network of inspectors at different locations or tie p with inspection agencies
  • As per the nature of product and inspection criteria, suitable inspection agency will be shortlisted and suggested to the Client
  • Buyers order inspection
  • Buyers pay secure payments of Inspection to Giant Centre
  • Inspector uploads reports
  • Buyers confirm reports
  • Inspector receive payments

Inspection Service