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Steam And Shower Cabinet (GUCI851)


Silvery grey plate, sanded silvery Aluminium, 6mm tempered glass;
PMMA & ABS bottom tray with drainage;
3KW steam generator with water-level sensor and over-heat protection; 4 in 1 top shower, chrome movable shower & shower hanger;
6 nozzle for water spray;
with back jets, chrome single handle faucet;
Foot sole massage, foldable novel seat, deluxe handgrip;
Aluminium alloy grand post;
Chromium-plated door handle;

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This product has a number of patented smart touch systems, ultra-quiet. It has a High-strength aluminium steam safety technology luxury four-in-one overall shower. It has a F4 computer electronic control system. This product has a 3KW steam generator and new steam medicine. And with double aluminium alloy column. This product has ring-shaped ceiling lamp. It has a white composite board, thermostatic faucet, ozone disinfection function.

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Dimensions 122 x 81 x 223 cm


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