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Steam And Shower Cabinet (A0838)


Steam shower & Jacuzzi
Sanded silvery Aluminum profile, 6mm tempered
PMMA & ABS bottom tray with drainage;
3.5KW steam generator with water-level sensor and
over-heat protection;
4 in 1 top shower, chrome movable shower & shower
6 nozzles for water spray;
with back jets, chrome single handle faucet;
Foot sole massage, hydraulic massage;
Aluminum alloy grand post;
Chromium-plated door handle;

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This product has high-speed and high-efficiency steam engine can produce high temperature steam in a short time and this helps you to expedite your blood circulation. It keeps your whole body relaxed, eliminates fatigue and resumes physical strength. It has a curative effect on rheumatism, rheumatic arthritis, back pain, asthma, bronchitis, neurasthenic and is an effective way to reduce weight. You can maintain suitable temperature and master the time well according to your need using computer control panel. It has 6 nozzle for water spray, with back jets, chrome single handle faucet.

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Dimensions 148 x 146 x 225 cm


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