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Steam And Shower Cabinet (A0835)


Steam Shower Cabinet
White box wall, and matte silvery Aluminum, 8mm
tempered glass;
PMMA & ABS bottom tray with drainage;
3KW steam generator with water-level sensor and
over-heat protection;
4 in 1 top shower, chrome movable shower & shower
9 nozzles for water spray;
with back jets, chrome single handle faucet;
Foot sole massage;
Removable access window;
A-0835R of reverse arrangement is available
AQ03 intelligent control panel;

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This product has square shape. It has a Left corner, Right corner installation. This product has White box wall, matte silvery Aluminium, 6mm tempered glass. It has a PMMA & ABS bottom tray with drainage. It has Foot sole massage. This product has some functions are: steam control, steam temperature and time setting, overhead LED light, fan, FM radio,MP3 player, water spray massage, Bluetooth phone answering, Bluetooth music player, alarm, ozone clearing.

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Dimensions 113 x 90 x 218.50 cm


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