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Round Shaped Jacuzzi (AT9086) with back flow preventer


Micro air bubble
Position : Free standing
Hydromassage : Airpool, Whirlpool, Magic
High quality acrylic with stainless steel support, free
standing round bathub with full side skirt;
Seamless bathtub by two pcs connecton;
400W air pump for 287 air bubble jet with creepage
7 colors LED water light.
Y shape self-cleaning water pipe;

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This model features both Air jets and Hydro jets by having an air pump and a water pump. This product has Auto-protection function: pump will not start if water level is inadequate. It Includes hand held Chromed Shower Head. Features back flow preventer on the shower heads and the jet system. This insures that the water cannot flow back into the supply lines.

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Dimensions 170 x 168 x 76.50 cm


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