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Acrylic Waterfall Jacuzzi (AT9075T)


Water and air
bubble massage
High quality acrylic with stainless steel support;
Seamless bathtub by one-piece molding technology;
Transparent glass window with built-in LED light;
#304 Stainless steel handrail;
Chrome-plated mixer LT-066, with hand hold shower;
Y shape self-cleaning water pipe;
750W water pump from Austria with creepage
640 air bubble pump wtih creepage protection;
4 side nozzles for water massage;
6 bottom magic jets combine water and bubble

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The tub is packed with features and amenities such as radio, heater, air and whirlpool jets, colour therapy, tube cleaning by flushing function, ozone disinfection, water level sensors and comfortable pillows. The tub is cast from high quality sanitary acrylic on fiberglass mats with reinforced fiberglass. A special feature of this model is the built-in acrylic waterfall, which automatically starts when activating the whirlpool pump and thus for additional feel-good mood provides. If you lie in the water and let yourself be massaged by the air and whirlpool jets, dim the light beforehand and activate the colour light therapy, treat yourself to the absolute wellness experience.

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Dimensions 172 x 80 x 62 cm


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