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Glossy white Jacuzzi (AT9025) with centre drain and dual backrests


High quality PMMA & ABS with stainless steel
Built-in jacuzzi without apron;
Chrome-plated mixer, with hand hold shower;
Y shape self-cleaning air pipe;
736W water pump with creepage protection;
800 air bubble pump wtih creepage protection;
With water flow-in and Led light;
Water and air
bubble massage

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This product has a casual acrylic corner tub. In this bathtub it Feel refreshed and energized with the calming yet invigorating massage found in our EverClean Whirlpools. It has 8 multi-directional and flow adjustable clean jets. This Tub has for 2 with centre drain and dual backrests.

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Dimensions 140.5 x 140.5 x 68 cm


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