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  2. Distributor of Overseas Brand

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Floret Group of Companies

Floret Group of Companies are a leading trading organization mastering in the operations and principles of international trade business. We are taking international trade not just across borders but also beyond excellence! For us, customers come first. We are available to help with your queries 24*7. From general enquiries to business strategies, we have got it all answered for you.

Franchise Office / Business Associate

Floret is welcoming the partners of different countries and different cities of India, to associate with us as our franchise partner.

Floret has very good networking in India and China and handling the work of sourcing and all kind of services relating to buying agency including negotiation, inspection, logistics, custom clearance and doorstep delivery.

Also, our online display of products helps our associates to instantly satisfy the need of customers and start working on their inquiry, other value-added services of Trade fair travel, Exhibitions, Joint Venture and Investments also creates the additional business opportunity as the case may be.

Distributor of Overseas Brand

Floret is bringing the best overseas brands to India and creating their sales Channel.

Also if any Business house wants to have a tie-up of distributorship for a particular product, we can find out the suitable brand and can mediate for the business association on the best suitable terms.

Brands are offering lucrative terms of association and having a support policy for their channel partners in India.

Marketing Associate

As Our Customer base exists even in remotest part of India and we also welcome the people who have good contacts and can introduce the clients to us, or can help us in business development, even without full-time association with us.

A win-win situation cooperation agreement will be formulated.

For these people, we issue a special code and the client introduced by them will be under his code and he will participate in the generated income.

This client introduction can be for:

  • Import services
  • Export Services
  • Import for projects and personal houses
  • Distributors Appointment
  • Direct orders from traders
  • For Joint Venture mediation and Investments


Floret is regularly looking for good team members. Anybody who wants to join floret family may apply with us; we will try our level best to provide this opportunity and will be happy to make floret family bigger and stronger.