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Offline Selling Platform

Giant Centre: Offline Selling Services For Buyers and Sellers

Giant Centre is a platform for the Global business community to come, connect, explore and enhance trade and investment opportunities in the gigantic and lucrative Indian marketplace. A unique platform for prospective global trade investors, Giant Centre helps individuals seeking entry into the Indian trade market. The aim of the Giant Centre is to provide potential buyers and sellers a common ground to come together, connect and share their products and services. The idea is to give international manufacturers and Indian buyers looking for trade and investment solutions, the opportunity to interact through offline and online mediums. With a great professional taskforce, Giant Centre aims towards creating a larger than ever forum where the concerned parties can communicate directly with each other. Floret Group of Companies, proud promoter of the Giant Centre, assists in the legal titbits, customer relations, administrative formalities and marketing activities for clients. Already a flourishing service provider, Giant Centre is moving towards becoming a perfect destination for international businessmen. At Floret Group of Companies, we believe this is to be a milestone in international trade that will give the ever-increasing Indian business arena the space to reach immense heights.

Offline Selling Services

Get in touch with our professionals who will provide you deep insight into the workings of the international trading business and how we can help you secure a strong ground in it. Contact us Now!

Offline Selling Services for Sellers

Our vast experience in the international business arena has earned us great knowledge of the global trading market. With this understanding, we prepare strategic market entry plans for you, so your venture can flourish on foreign grounds.


After a successful launch, we help you build a proper infrastructure with our state of the art materials and best quality equipment. This is time consuming that you should not be worrying about.


We take care of your administrative activities inclusive of inventory management, logistics, human resource planning, accounts and taxes, legal formalities, after sales services, customer relations and marketing strategies to ensure a smooth operation of your business. With a strong hold in the foreign market, we provide you options to outsource all the necessary administrative and operational services for your venture.

Logistics and Legal Regulations

Moving material can be a tough job but one that must be done right. Maintaining standards and punctuality is the key to moving things over international waters. From real physical movement to clearance, our skilled taskforce assures your product’s safe loading throughout the moving process. We take it upon ourselves to ensure safety of your goods, take care of legal titbits and other operations that are mandatory for foreign businesses operating in India.

Brand Marketing

Finally, there is marketing which needs to paid special attention to for every business needs proper exposure to attract consumers. The Giant Centre provides you comprehensive plans for marketing through all mediums, physical or/and virtual. With our main operations based in Chinese market, we bring together international manufacturers closer to Indian buyers through numerous activities like B2B (Business-to-Business) events, global exhibitions, online and offline promotions, in house calling, data centers and a lot more. This ensures a completely reliable and flexible solution for all your business needs.

Offline Selling Services for Buyers

The Giant Centre gives you a wide range of products and services available under one roof. Dealing in all kinds of building and constructions, architecture, sports equipment, home décor, furnishing and sanitaryware, our suppliers are available to cater to your needs. Bringing the best quality material, our collections encompass everything that you are possibly looking for. We help you through the sales process and after sale operations as well so you don’t have to indulge in the grey areas. These also include acquiring territorial rights of specific brands which means you can legally access the rights of a brand over a specific geographical area. This type of authority over a product can earn you great recognition in the marketplace. We also help you appoint reliable distributors to circulate your product through international borders. This ensures that your product leaves the manufacturing unit and reaches straight to the end user without any interruptions across the path. In conclusion, we aim at providing top-notch global trading solutions to clients so that they can establish a firm and steady ground across the foreign market. Our goal is to help Indian businesses grow with the foreign traders in India.