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Giant Centre (O2O)

Giant Centre – An Online to Offline Selling Platform

Giant Centre is a unique O2O platform of B2B model of International trade, for the Global business community to come, connect, explore and enhance trade and investment opportunities in the gigantic and lucrative Indian marketplace. It provides online and offline physical market access for International Manufacturers and Indian Buyers for fast and easy interaction relating to the trade and Investment Solutions.

Besides providing basic amenities and state of art infrastructure, Giant Centre has a professional workforce for the growth of its partners. It assists in completing all the legal and administrative formalities and provides support for building a strong customer base. With a view to promote the business of its partners, this Centre organizes various marketing activities on a regular basis across India, ensuring visibility of their presence to the remotest corners of the country.

Giant Centre will prove to be the best pilot for perfect landing on the Indian business soil, for materializing the short term and long term business targets of Global manufacturers, and easiest way for getting the best sourcing solutions and exploring business opportunities by Indian business houses.

Online and Offline Trading Services

In this click-it-and-get-it world, it’s always better to keep your business updated to the changing environment. Floret Group gives you access to the international business arena with the best-ever trading solutions. Join us!

What is O2O Platform?

In this digital world, you cannot limit yourself inside walls. Everything is online. Everyone is online. Which means your product should be up and available online to those who are searching for it. O2O platform is a strategy prepared specifically to do that. Draw your customers from online portals to physical locations. O2O platform, Online-to-Offline Commerce, in simple words identifies your customers on online spaces through various mediums like emails, digital marketing and then convinces them to leave the online space and visit the physical store. The ides of O2O was to survive in an online world where online stores were selling wide collections of products at lower costs as many expenses of running a physical store were removed online. The idea was to create product awareness online to such a level that the consumer was enticed to leave the online portal and visit the physical store to make his purchase. This requires a presence on both online and offline stores to create a smooth flowing trading environment. Attracting customers to walk to your store instead of waiting for it in the mail is a difficult task and takes a lot of tactics to make it work.

O2O Platform for International Trade

O2O platform has already been recognized as a mandatory step in trading business. In a world so technologically advanced where you don’t have to step out of your home to buy stuff, surviving only in offline stores can be hard. As per reports, more people are online on their phones shopping than on their PCs or in local shops. With the growing grounds of O2O platform for international trade, more and more users are drifting towards online stores than ever. There are various business models for selling; B2B, B2C, C2C, and C2B segregated by the groups involved in the transaction. O2O platform is a growing model, which tackles not only the traditional online or offline mediums but both. The working mechanism of an O2O platform is to simply connect an online customer to physical service providers. In simple words, O2O is a revolutionary system for online and offline selling platforms.

Online Selling Platforms

In a high digital age, going online is not an option but a need. Those with a product to sell need strong online presence to sell their products and services as online selling platforms give you a wider audience reach. Even if you have strong offline presence, going virtual is always good idea because it gives you access to worldwide audience. Online selling platforms are a great medium to let your products be seen. While going online, there are a lot questions that arise; where, how, when? To answer that, there is no shortage of online selling platforms, the actual task is to figure out who will suit your product and your needs more. There are many options to choose from. Furthermore, you need to work on your marketing, pricing and sourcing strategies. It is always to best to track down the pros and cons before going live. You don’t want an uninterested or confused audience trying to figure out what you are selling and why they should buy your products or services.

Floret Group’s Initiative to Bridge the Gap

Floret Group has established itself as a major sourcing company and an import export house of India. Now we are expanding our horizons. With the years of experience in international trading business, we are now trying to step into the world online trade. Our expertise in the global trading world has earned us a great understanding of the needs of buyers and suppliers. Now Floret Group has taken a big leap and come up with the Giant Centre that aims to utilize the resources and services of the Chinese traders at the minimum cost and great profits. China has been our main market for 15 years which gives us an immense understanding of the needs of the traders looking for opportunities in the global trading arena. There are immense challenges involved in the trading business in India. Our decades-long work experience in the international business has made us aware of the problems and interruptions that can occur in the trading process and how to overcome them effectively. The Giant Centre aims at solving these issues for all the groups involved. Our goal is to provide in-house solutions for aspiring global traders across India.