Canton Trade Fair

Canton Fair: Biggest Import Export Fair Which Facilitates Foreign Trade

You might have heard about Canton Fair, the extraordinary event also known by the name of China Trade Fair, was formerly known by the name Chinese Export Commodities Fair. It was first being organized in 1957 and since then there has been no looking back! It is being held in the city of Guangzhou each year.

After 50+ such successful events, this has become a renowned trade fair. Guangzhou trade fair is organized twice a year in which the traders from all over the world participate and go back with tremendous opportunities in hand!

What Is So Special About Canton Fair?

This fare has a special place in the hearts of people deeply connected with International Business because this field is an immensely huge place to meet scientific research institutions, production plants and factories, corporations investing in foreign trade, and other organizations which are seeking expansion and profit in their business! This fair offers an extraordinary number of chances to the business and highlights adaptable examples of business practices that are being carried out in different countries! Notwithstanding the customary transaction against tests, this reasonable fair has virtual expo and online presentation as well. This is done in order to facilitate import and fare exchange, monetary and mechanical collaboration and trades, and additionally the item investigation, protection, transport, promoting, counselling and gaining some different ideas about business programs and how they are being conducted. This will give an insight about how business can make a profit or expand the existing module to get in touch with thousands of more people!

In case you are worried about China Exhibition, then you may keep all your worries aside. You ask why? Because unlike any fair you’ve seen till date, this will leave you dumbstruck for sure! Being organized in 1,125,000 square meters in which there are approximately 56,915 booths which eventually lead to the business of over 34,300 Million USD is kind of big deal! It has such a huge impact that a few companies have started providing canton trade fair and travel package for travellers who are willing to take part in China trade fair. If you too have a business and are looking forward to expanding it, then don’t waste even a second and take part in this amazing fair!

Things You Should Remember

To participate in this fair you’ll need an invitation which is being issued by CIEF (China Import and Export Fair). And only if you have this invitation, you can apply for a visa which will get issued without any hassle! So, in case you are thinking about participating in this amazing event, register before March 30th for Spring Fair and before September 30th for Autumn Fair. We hope that you climb the ladders to success with this fair and accomplish your goals in life!